DIY Halloween Shirts by JGoode Designs

Adorably Spooky Halloween Shirts with JGoode Designs

October 1st, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Bats and goblins and witches! Oh my! Halloween is right around the corner which means Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, pumpkin patches, and the Monster Mash are everywhere!

Enjoy the best Halloween has to offer in these adorably spooky designs. We love these designs because they are great for the entire family. Raise your hand if you can’t wait to carve pumpkins in the Trick or Treat t-shirt!

Click to Make: Trick or Treat Shirt

For this week’s iron-on vinyl t-shirt collection, we are featuring Jen Goode from JGoode Designs & 100 Directions. Jen is incredibly creative and talented. We love the designs she came up with! Jen has been a professional artist for 17 years and always has the most creative ideas for Cricut! All of her Halloween designs should take about 30 minutes to complete. So, grab your iron-on vinyl and PSL and fall in love with fall!

Check out all the designs in Design Space!

Sometimes trick or treating can be a little chilly. These shirts are the perfect solution! You can put them on a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt to make sure you and your little ones will be warm enough to go door to door until their bellies and baggies are full!

Click to Make: Spider Web Halloween Design

These iron-on vinyl designs are so creative! We absolutely love these designs. Make sure to find them in Cricut Design Space!

Click to Make: Boo Design

How cute are these bats? I can already see a little witch wearing this at a school Halloween parade!

Click to Make: Halloween Bats Design

We absolutely love this eyeball shirt! Can’t you see a dad trick or treating in this shirt with a little zombie and witch?

Click to Make:  Halloween Eyeball Design

DIY Halloween Shirts with JGoode Designs
DIY Hello Kitty Party

DIY the Perfect Hello Kitty Party

September 28th, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Isbell, Team Cricut

Oh, all the things that go into hosting the perfect birthday party!  I’ve found that there are a few key special moments you just don’t want to miss.  So let’s take this party from the top and break it down for you.  I made the party to accommodate 12 people – 1 birthday hero and 11 friends!

The party was designed based on the fun and playful feel of Hello Kitty®.  I used the sprinkles from the cupcake holders as an anchor point design.  You can see it carried through from the cupcake holder to how we designed the Birthday Outfit!  I’m usually a firm believer in homemade cupcakes (everyone has their own “thing”!), but I even broke that rule when we found really cute cupcakes with sprinkles on the ring toppers.  (Feel free to DIY your own cupcake toppers with any leftover materials!)

What are we making for the party?  Here is our list of all the party fun!  If you click on the links, they will put you into Cricut Design Space to immediately start cutting.  It’s just that easy!

These might look a little challenging, but we’ve put together a quick assembly video to show you how the pieces just layer on top of each other.  Simply apply the tape and stick them together.  To speed up the invitation process, feel free to change the pen color to one color.  While I like the pop of 2 colors, it did take decidedly longer to cut.  You also will need to switch out between Scoring Wheel, Fine Point Blade, and both Pen Colors.  One color will save you a decent amount of time.

The birthday banner can be placed either on a mantel, across the curtains, in the front part of a table or a bar, or on a half wall.  The best part is that if you make 12 pieces, you could even break it up to have 2 banners with 6 flags each!

The great debate at our house is always whether it’s a cake party or a cupcake party!  This time, we went for cupcakes.  If you prefer a cake, I would take the Glitter Cardstock and cut a cute sign.

The cupcake stand is definitely an optional piece.  I used Knife Blade with my Cricut Maker to cut it.  It is a project that takes a little bit longer than you would think as Knife Blade takes several passes through the material to be extremely precise in the cutting process.

DIY Treat Pails can be another fun moment.  You can either have the kids decorate their own (which is what I did), or you can do it in advance and put them into a cute cellophane bag for them to take on the way out!  I had them put a puzzle into their pail to take home.

Lastly (and my favorite part!), the Birthday Hero’s outfit can match perfectly!  I made the confetti surround her I love Hello Kitty part to fit in nicely.  You can size the shirt to a larger size and make a matching one for you too! You can shrink it down and fit it onto a tiara if you want to use it to accessorize your Birthday Hero.  There’s so many ways to tie it in.

So, here’s a list of all that you need for your perfect Hello Kitty party:

The BEST part is that you will still have some leftover material so if you need any other little moments, you can add your own touches too.  Some suggestions of “other” things:

  • Confetti
  • Party Hat, Bows, or Headband for your Special Birthday Person
  • Balloon Garland
  • Mini Cupcake Toppers

I know you are wondering if there are ANY OTHER supplies!  So, what else did we use?

I only needed two other things to make this happen (and we got them from Michael’s)!

- Twine for the banner (and I found this so cute pink and white Martha Stewart Twine)

- This double-sided permanent tape runner to put the birthday invitation together

- Pink T-shirt for your Birthday Outfit

Everything else was either just one layer or didn’t need anything more!

My only other recommendation comes in the form of color palette.  We have a second Hello Kitty Deluxe Paper pack that has reds, blues, white, and a few yellows.  We are also releasing vinyl and iron-ons that will also have the red palette.  Feel free to use those as replacements for the pink, purple, and pastel look in the original party based on your taste.  Be sure to pick up Red Glitter, Blue, and Yellow Cardstock.

Well, I hope you have the happiest of birthday celebrations with your own Hello Kitty party!


DIY Hello Kitty Party
Throw a Great Tailgate Party

Customize Your Tailgate Party

September 25th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Team spirit runs deep here at Cricut. So, when we came up with the idea for creating the ultimate tailgate party, we left no hotdog unturned. Seriously, we had way too much fun creating this scene! We designed, embellished and customized everything from yard games, t-shirts, food trays, banners and flags, face stencils, car decals and even oversized blankets. All with the help of Cricut Maker, Cricut EasyPress, Cricut Iron-on and Permanent Vinyl.

At the heart of the tailgate scene is the idea of two families who are best of friends except for that one day each year when they are rooting for their respective crosstown schools (let the friendly bantering begin!).

Let’s look at the custom t-shirts.

Custom t-shirt designs are the perfect billboard to bring the heckling between friends to life, while also representing your school spirit (be sure to share with us your personalized t-shirts supporting your team!). We created a total of 5 t-shirt designs making sure we considered tees for both the kiddos and adults. Some used the layering technique, so, if you are new to iron-on, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of using layers first.

The Game Day Jerseys (my favorite) used a high-quality, stretch material so we went with SportFlex Iron-on™. Beyond the t-shirts, be sure to also check out the custom iron-on Tailgate Blanket, Game Day Hat, and Game Day Duffle Bag, along with the awesome Tailgate Chairs.

Next up, we wanted to make sure our tailgate area was properly ”flavored” with team colors. To do this, we used a lot of our new Premium Permanent Vinyl. From cups to cars, to game boards to megaphones, we “tagged” our party area with fun labels, decals and stickers. I especially loved our touchdown megaphone that the kids found useful (eek!). The Football Cornhole game was also a hit. The Premium Permanent Vinyl is not only easy to work with (lays flat on cutting mats with no bubbling or tunneling), but is also UV and water resistant.

Labeling and personalizing also extended to the food trays, koozies and the items carrying all our gear. The cute hamburger and hot dog trays were perfect for the kids and the coolers (both soft- and hard-sided) were properly tagged using permanent vinyl. Next year, we are already talking about making our Tailgate banners even larger!

We had a total blast creating this tailgate scene and would love to see how you all create your own tailgate parties. Be sure to share and save in Design Space for everyone to enjoy.

Have you seen Cricut’s new project sharing feature? If not, check out this article. Once you are done with your project, share them on Pinterest or Facebook and tag us so we can ooh and ahh!

Customize Your Tailgate Party for Game Day
DIY Halloween Shirts from Happiness is Homemade

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade

September 24th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team that you?! Here at Cricut HQ in South Jordan, UT, the days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting crisper, and slowly but surely, the signs of a changing season have made their way to the Wasatch front. And we couldn’t be MORE excited!

We love fall. With its rich and vibrant diversity of colors, well-known flavors and smells like pumpkin, cinnamon and apple, and super festive holidays, it’s one of the best and most fun seasons for makers everywhere.

For this week’s t-shirt collection, we’re featuring Heidi Kundin, editor and owner of the blog Happiness is Homemade. Heidi has such a fun and creative style, and we had such a great time with this collaboration!

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade

Head to Design Space to make them all! And tell us in the comments which is your favorite!

Click to Make: This Is My Costume

Click to Make: So Franken Cute

Click to Make: Pick Your Poison

Click to Make: All the Ghouls Love Me


Pin now and make these soon!

DIY Halloween Shirts with Happiness is Homemade
DIY American Sign Language Shirts

Learning American Sign Language with 5 Little Monsters

September 17th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

This week’s t-shirt collection is giving us ALL the feels! We’ve loved these collaborations with our influencer community, and we hope you have too. It’s given us a chance to hear and share personal design stories, and we hope you’ve been as inspired as we have.

This latest collection is particularly personal and meaningful. Erica Dietz, of the blog 5 Little Monsters, created a collection of shirts with various phrases in American Sign Language. When asked about her connection to ASL, she shared that three of her children are deaf.

When she and her husband first found out that their two oldest were deaf, they immediately learned a few signs to communicate. They watched as their son’s whole world opened up because he was able to communicate with them. They use sign language every day, and Erica was inspired to create this collection of shirts since it has such a special place in her heart-especially the ‘I love you’ shirt.

Design-wise, we loved the splashes of playful color Erica used in each of these shirts, while keeping a lot of the cohesion of the signs images by using the same color. Plus, ‘cute’ on that baby onesie?! We can’t resist!

Check out all the designs in Design Space!

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: I Love You

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Love

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Sweet

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Friend

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Cute

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment telling us below and pin to save for later.

Make These American Sign Language Shirts
Cricut Community Projects Game Day Edition

Cricut Community Projects: Game Day Edition

September 15th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

School's back in session for many people, the weather is starting to cool down and football season is upon us. Whether you're tailgating at the local high school game or watching the NFL at home with your buddies, members of our Cricut community have been busy getting ready to celebrate sports with some fun projects. Here are some of our favorites to help get you inspired for your next Game Day!


Gathering with friends to watch the game at home? Dress up your food table (after all, what's a party without some delicious snacks??) with one of these fun banners.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

This football banner is simple yet perfect for your game day extravaganza.

Click to Make: Football Banner by Debra

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

I love how football elements are styled on the pennants for this banner.

Click to Make: Football Banner by Christine


One of the easiest ways to show your team spirit and love of sports is with a shirt. You can make them to honor your favorite team, interject some humor, or just celebrate sports in general. Go team!

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

If you're more into what foods you get to eat than the actual game, this is the perfect way to humorously admit that.

Click to Make: Here for Snacks shirt

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

As this shirt admits, sometimes it's hard to choose which sport is the best! I love how this crafter created a heart using both a football and soccer ball.

Click to Make: My Heart Soccer/Football shirt by Sara

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Wondering how you can support your favorite athlete? I love how this crafter was able to create several different versions for the same team.

Click to Make: Game Day Gold by Donna

It's amazing how much of a difference a font can make. Here's the same shirt made with two different fonts.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Let everyone know it's your favorite day of the week with this tee.

Click to Make: Game Day Gear by Jessica

Cards and Scrapbooking

Celebrate your favorite sports lover or commemorate a special moment with one of these cards or a scrapbook page.

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Slider cards are one of my favorite kinds since it adds a new dimension to the card gifting experience.

Click to Make: Football Birthday Slider Card by Christine

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Sweet moments are immortalized in this fall and football page design for your scrapbook.

Click to Make: Fall and Football Scrapbook Page by Rene

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Another fun slider card. Pennies and foam dots are what make the sliding element possible.

Click to Make: Football Card by Anita

Cricut Community Game Day Projects

Make sure people know when your game day event is with this football party invitation.

Click to Make: Time for Some Football Party Invitation by Roxann

Which craft was your favorite? Let us know in a comment below!

Shirt collection by idieh designs

Speak Without Saying a Word With idieh design

September 10th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

In this week’s installment of the Cricut t-shirt designs, we are thrilled to bring you a collection by Heidi Moore of idieh design. We are over the moon about this collection, aptly named, “True Mom Thoughts,” because, well, we think the phrases are what every Mom out there is thinking!

With school starting and everyone getting back into a routine, it can bring exhaustion and longing for the weekend into the lives of many parents out there. This cute and clever collection leans on catchy phrases, such as ‘Tired. As a mother” and “Nope. Not adulting today” to highlight some of the very real thoughts and feelings of Moms everywhere.

We love this set because it showcases a really creative way to use the same font in different ways to create a cohesive look and feel. And don’t forget to pre-order your EasyPress 2 in the 6”x7” size to make amazing onesies like this “Nope. Not napping today” one!

Check out all of the designs in Design Space, and make all these cheeky shirts for every mood!

idieh design Shirts

Click to Make: Tired. As a Mother

idieh design Shirts

Click to Make: Nope. Not Napping Today

idieh design Shirts

Click to Make: Hello. To The Freakin’ Weekend



Which one speaks to you most? Tell us below!

Cricut Community Fall Projects

Cricut Community Favorites of the Moment: Fall Decor!

September 8th, 2018 • Contributor: Tiffany Isbell, Team Cricut

I am always amazed at the beautiful project produced by YOU!  Sometimes, they carry a backstory; sometimes, they carry a special moment.  Every time, they carry such meaning and importance.  Every project makes a statement – a small quiet detail added to your house, a bold, beautiful, proud mama moment, or just a simple hi to cheer up a friend.

I’ve been watching our Cricut Community projects growing over the past few months, and I can’t wait to start sharing some of my favorites.  Just in case you didn’t know much about Community, here are a few places to start.

  1. Share your projects from Design Space. You put in all the effort to make something beautiful – WE WANT TO SEE IT and so do all the people in our amazing Community!  Sharing your project inspires people, and it gives beginners some great projects to make while they might still be shy of their own design skills.  Check out this video to see how to Share your Projects !


  1. Set up your profile. This is NOT necessary to start sharing projects, but if people like one of your projects, they might LOVE to see all of them!  Here’s how to get your profile up and running (  If you’re shy, feel free to use an avatar or bitmoji!


  1. Find Community projects to make yourself! The thing I love most about the Community projects is that someone else might make a beautiful design in a simple way that I really connect with. You might like more complex or patterned, and that’s there too!  Scroll to the bottom of your home page in Design Space to find the Community line up of projects and find ones that really speak to you.


And now drum roll, please ….

Here are my favorite fun fall projects of the moment!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Ms. H’s 3D Fall Card … she even has awesome instructions for those of us who might be paper-challenged (me!).

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Albion Gould’s Leaf Hot Pad … so fast and easy to put together!!!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Julie T’s Be Thankful … love this simple sign and the lovely design to it.

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Anna Rose J’s Fall Gold Tree … you could use so many different materials here from vinyl to paper – foils, sparkles, and fun!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Mary D’s Apple K-Cup Treat … wow … the design elements here are impressive and makes such a cute treat wrapper!

Cricut Community Fall Decor

Michelle F’s Faux Leather Earrings … need some new fall fashion … make it quick!


Leave a comment below with your favorite project and pin for later!

Cricut Community Fall Decor Projects That You Should Make
Cricut Maker for quilting

Meet Your Quilting Best Friend: Cricut Maker TM

Cricut Maker is the ultimate smart cutting machine that is a match made in heaven for quilters. Quilters can cut any shape from hundreds of fabrics using a variety of tools designed to make the cutting process easy.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cutting appliqué made fun and easy.

If you love making intricate appliqué quilts but find cutting with scissors tedious (while creating issues with accuracy), Cricut Maker is your new must-have machine. Cricut Maker does all of the fabric cutting for you easily and quickly. All you have to do is cut your design, peel your fabric off the mat and focus on applying your quilt pieces.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Quilting crafts, simplified.

Using Design SpaceⓇ, Cricut’s cloud-based design software available on any laptop or mobile device, it’s easy to create your perfect quilt project. Choose from hundreds of patterns and images, including favorites from Riley Blake DesignsⓇ, and Cricut Maker cuts and marks all the pieces in just a few clicks.


Choose your design or make it from scratch.

Quilting Cricut Maker


Place your material on a mat, load it in the machine, and press Go.

The machine handles the rest.

Quilting Cricut Maker


Assemble the finished pieces into your final project.

Share your quilt magic with your friends!

Quilting Cricut Maker

Design Space available for Windows® and Mac® computers and iOS and Android™devices. Offline Mode currently available with iOS app.

Sew many tools.

Cricut has all the tools you need to master your quilting experience. Cricut Maker’s expandable suite of tools makes cutting fabric and marking your fabric pieces a breeze. Here are all your must-haves for Cricut Maker if you’re a quilter.

Cricut Rotary Blade

Rotary Blade brings infinitely customizable, precision fabric cutting to the home for the very first time. Use it to cut cotton, fleece, denim, and more. With its gliding, rolling action, it cuts virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material. Rotary Blade comes in the box with Cricut Maker. Shop Cricut Maker now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut Bonded-Fabric Blade

Cricut's Bonded-Fabric Blade + Housing brings ultimate precision when cutting bonded fabrics such as cotton. This is a drag blade that is designed for bonded fabric so you can achieve amazing bonded fabric quilts. Bonded-Fabric Blade is sold separately. Shop Bonded-Fabric Blade now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut Washable Fabric Pen

Cricut Maker has the technology to draw on your fabric so it’s easy to mark all of your quilt pieces before they’re cut out on the machine. Cricut Washable Fabric Pen has a water-soluble ink so you can wash your pieces after they’re sewn together. Washable Fabric Pen is sold separately. Shop Washable Fabric Pen now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut FabricGrip™ Mat, 12" x 12"

The FabricGrip Mat combines increased strength, density, and quality plus a light adhesive to create beautiful cuts with a wide variety of fabrics. Use with Cricut® machines and Rotary Blade or Bonded-Fabric Blade. (1) Cricut FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 12" comes with your Cricut Maker.

You can also purchase a FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 24" for larger-scale projects that is sold separately. Shop the FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 24" now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Accessorize your quilting experience.

There’s so much more you can create with Cricut Maker if you love other types of crafts, from iron-on to vinyl to leather and woodworking. If you’re interested in other crafts outside of quilting, learn more about all of Cricut Maker’s possibilities here.

Cricut also makes beautifully designed hand-tools to accessorize your quilting experience. From a hand-held Rotary Cutter to Self-Healing Mats and Acrylic Rulers in beautiful colors, these tools will give you the best possible performance and add pops of color to your craft room.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Ready. Set. Make quilting magic.

Make amazing quilt projects in Design Space. To access these projects sign up for a Design Space account. It’s easy and super fast, sign-up now.

Quilts for your Lifestyle

Home Goods

Toys & Accessories

Getting started.

Check out this helpful video on working with patterns and fabric in Design Space. For more amazing video tutorials, visit Cricut's YouTube channel.



"I'm so enthusiastic about all the possibilities with the Cricut Maker. Quiltmakers are going to love it. It cuts so precisely. It's changing how I think when I'm designing quilts." - Lori Baker, Editor at QuiltMaker Magazine