(Video) Part 1: The Pillow Project

March 16, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Director Tiffany Isbell

Check out how you can get involved in Cricut's Pillow Project this year and give back to the community! https://cricut.wishpond.com/pillowproject/ #sayitwithcricut 

7 thoughts on “(Video) Part 1: The Pillow Project

  1. I’ve been a little leery to try iron on. I’ve heard good and bad things. My biggest concern is how well it holds up to laundering. From a lot of the groups I’m a part of I understand a heat press is necessary or it will come off. I just want to do gifts and participate in something like this, not make a career out of it. Are there special laundry instructions for iron on or are all the directions on the packaging regarding application and laundering?

    Second, are you using a purchased pillow cover or do you have a how to somewhere to be downloaded? If not, is there a particular place to purchase the cover?

    Last, but there are probably more questions actually, Is this an individual community or personal project, meaning do we deliver to our local women’s shelter or mail to you and you deliver to various shelters? I could see where all kinds of charities could benefit from this.

    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Hi Cathy

      Let’s help get you a little bit farther through this project! For me, I’m scared of paper projects, but love iron-on!

      There are washing instructions on each package as well as application instructions so you’re in good hands.

      I think this particular pillow may have come from Amazon, but there are also some really cute ones at IKEA stores too. Most bedding places are likely to have pillow covers too.

      As for the project, we are encouraging everyone to donate in their own communities at local shelters. Feel free to send us pictures of your experience. This project really touches our hearts here at Cricut. Always up for community giving!!

      Cheers 😊

      We will be covering standard pillow cases in one of our upcoming tutorials too so stay tuned!

  2. These are super cute! Can I use the design space with a Cricut Expression? Is it possible to customize the image, so I can use a name? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa –

      Unfortunately, Design Space only works with Cricut Explore products. Yes, you can customize images in Design Space to add a name as well. Stay tuned and we’ll be working with monograms coming up!


  3. No, you do not need to go and buy a heat press, unless you are maybe opening a shop. You can do it with a clothes iron. But it should be newer and hopefully about 1000 watts. A cheap or older iron are not going to work. You iron needs to be about 400 degrees.
    The 2nd thing I’m seeing is you should wash the fabric with out fabric softer before applying the vinyl.
    Number 3 is do not rub the iron around pick it up and press down until you have covered the whole design and let it cool all the way. Best of luck.

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