You Asked, We Have Answers: Q&A With The Cricut Product Team

March 7, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Social Media Specialist Shelby Jones

We are getting so excited for all the amazing new features coming in Design Space 3. We know you're all patiently waiting for the release, so in the meantime, we want to answer as many top questions as we can. Below our product team answers some of the most asked questions about Design Space 3 ... 

Why are you coming out with a new color when we need new software?

We have a huge team of engineers working on the next revision of our software - Design Space 3. We have been working for 18 months and we have ambitious goals on the user experience.

The color of a machine is done in factories and these are driven by trends and user demand. There are over 2-3 million projects being done every month and many of those users are looking for new colors to upgrade.

The software is done by a software team and is a major effort. There are over 1200 users externally using Design Space 3. And we are polishing up the experience.

We also plan to do a sneak peek of Design Space 3 during the HSN airing. Once we feel that the software really delivers the enhanced experience that we are aiming for, we will launch.

Thanks and we appreciate your patience. (Ashish CEO)

What things are going to be fixed with the new software?

No more flash! That means no having to go in and update your flash plug in! We know - we are excited too!

Product Search - the ability to search projects within Design Space and Make It Now projects. Your dream project just got a whole lot easier to find!

No more tabs! Everything you need is already on your canvas screen. Ain’t nobody got time for searching through tabs - spend your time creating instead!

Ps - did we mention there will be a sneak peak of the new software on HSN? Viewing party anyone? (Cortney Haymond Product Marketing Manager)

Why do you only ship to US & Canada and why won’t Design Space subscriptions work outside the US and Canada?

Cricut currently services customers through retail partners in the US, Canadian and UK markets. We have been selectively adding other English-speaking countries around the world and are working to enable our subscription in those markets.

We are committed to helping our customers in current markets lead creative lives and will add additional countries when we can deliver the same experience to them. (Dale Pistilli VP of Marketing)

Will the new software work with my current machine?

The new updated Design Space will have the same machine capabilities as the current machine. So for anyone who has an Explore, Explore one, Explore Air, or Explore Air 2 Design Space will work with your machine.

I know some of you may be wondering whether or not you have to purchase a new machine to use the software, if you have a machine in the Explore family you do not. However just like the current Design Space the update will not work with machines that are older than the original Explore. So if you have been looking for a reason the upgrade, let me tell you, this update to Design Space is just the reason you have been searching for. (Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond)

Did we read your mind? Were these the questions you had? Which was your top question that you had?

31 thoughts on “You Asked, We Have Answers: Q&A With The Cricut Product Team

  1. I purchased a new Cricut Air less then a year ago. I have only used it 2 times and was wondering how would I go about trading it in. Will I be charged an arm and a leg to upgrade to the Air2???

  2. Truly looking forward to DS3, Sounds like a masterpiece in the making. BTW, my Explore 2 is blue; matches my blue moonbeam clock!

  3. Does this mean my new Cricut Explore 2 is outdated already? It came in mail in Illinois while I’m in Minnesota and havent even seen it.
    Gail Crause

  4. Well design space beta is not available for saskatchewan Canada I have tried to download it but it’s a no go. Says it’s not available in this area. I was REALLY hoping this would have been fixed by now. I am an android user and in this day of age all app software should be for both apple and Android. I know if seems like a little deal but it would be fun to create fun things on my tablet. I feel that I am not using my cricut as much as i would like just do to the fact I have to run it off of my computer. I love the Cricut and have made some wonderful things and had many people compliment and ask where I got this from. When he tell them about the machine they are interested in it but when you tell them that it’s only apple friendly they lose interest. I hope that this small little glich can be fixed.

  5. I have been with Cricut since March 2009 having all the machines Cricut has made. I was excited when the explore came out and now own 4 of them. I am in New Zealand and am considered New Zealand goto person for cricut. We have to work around getting Cricut into NZ because the current importers DO NOT treat customers and retailers with respect and their customer service has had many person phone me in tears with how they have been treated. Their is a retail shop and importer called that would happily bring them in and they work with me to promote them in NZ. I am desperately waiting for Design space 3 as the flash player is a big problem. We have a major craft show at the beginning of July when I will be promoting Cricut and teaching Design Space. The extras I would like to see is to be able to weld an open path and to have a line that has edit points we can bend. I love designing in Design space and change all my scoring lines to design space score lines as dashed lines take so long to score. We do appreciate all your work but please although we are only a little country that is smaller than your towns we love our Cricuts PLEASE let import them for us.

  6. I’m happy to know that you are working on the flash issue and it will no longer be the thorn in my side! Just ordered the new lilac althogh have only had my mint explore 2 since late December. But I read that I can use multiples at one time, still need to figure that one out. 😉

    Although there is a big learning curve I have been promoting this product to everyone I meet that has been given the privilege to see my creations! I love my cricut when design space is not failing me and look forward to creating more wonderful things for my granddaughter and my family. Currently making wedding invites for my nieces wedding besides plenty of other projects foe her shower. Everyone is amazed!

    Keep up the good work, and one piece of advice if I may, when doing maintenance or upgrades you should let your community know so they are aware of the MW and are not fighting with DS or work around it.

    Looking forward to the design space.

    Best regards,
    Miriam Palanchi

  7. My top question is, has the print and cut size been addressed. Also, a way to access the printer and change the printer settings for our printers.

  8. Please contract with Rhonna Designs on Social media. Cricut is losing 100s if not 1,000s of new customers because her app is number one in the market. Silhouette has joined her team and she recommends that company because she felt shunned by Cricut. Really bad move on Cricut’s part and your company needs to be apart of her team. She doesn’t ask for free designs, in fact any of your designs are paid like they are on your plan. Cricut had every chance to rise and outshine the competition. I felt Cricut needed to know.

  9. Having used the Silhouette program for quite a number of years I find it a dream. If the software of Silhouette could be combined with the hardware of Cricut it would be ideal. And Silhouette designs are far more sophisticated and varied. I bought my Cricut about 6 months ago and find it very difficult to design my own ideas/shapes. Just to write phrases is more complicated. It’s even difficult to get Cricut tutorials on the subject I’m interested in. It’s a shame because I love cutting with Cricut – it’s much easier and quieter.

  10. I am a UK customer that purchases items from you via the uk design space but get very frustrated not being able to purchase your new releases either supplies or images and whilst raising this over the years nothing has been done to rectify this loads of promises but no action. Disney cartridges that have been released and available for us to buy are not shown so not available. can someone action this instead of doing nothing to resolve this issue.

  11. All your news is exciting. I am a newbie with my explore air..will I be able to use design space 3 with my machine? As I said I am a newbie so this might be a very silly question to ask.

  12. “why won’t Design Space subscriptions work outside the US and Canada?”

    I think it would make sense to not mix it with “Cricut currently services customers through retail partners in the US, Canadian and UK markets.” – Customers deciding for Cricut all over the world are sure capable of handling support requests in Englisch language. But actively preventing such customers from doing business with you doesn’t look like a good idea.

    So, what are you waiting for? All this stuff works over the internet and the internet does not have borders. (only artifically and they don’t work very well)

  13. You have come a long way since the beginning of your computer program and I commend you on this! I was cleaning out some things the other day and came across instructions on the original Design Studio, yes Studio. We had to be almost be computer programmers back then. Thank you!

  14. Hello, I am from Colombia and I recently bought a cricut explore 2, everything I have to ask from the United States because in my country there is no support, it would be important to look at new alternatives and expand without so many restrictions to other countries

  15. I heard that the Android version is now in beta testing. My question is, is there a projected date for the launch. I am not buying the air 2 until I know that I won’t have to go out and buy an ipad. I don’t have any computer or laptop, so that would mean another major money expenditure that I don’t want.

  16. Good afternoon, I live in Lima, Peru and I would like to know if it is possible to work in my country as a Cricut distributor. I have tried to communicate with you several times but no one can tell.

  17. hi,

    i just purchased Cricut Explorer Air 2 (Mint Color). Can you tell me how to close the cover after use?

    • Min Ko,
      While you open the machine by clicking the open button, there is no button to close it. All you have to do is close it manually by lifting the front flap and lowering the top one until they click closed.

      Hope that answered your question.

  18. Hi,
    I just purchased my Cricut Air 2 (mint color). Will I be able to update my software or will I have to purchase a new machine?

  19. Is it possible to get some fonts in french? It would be appreciated if you could do it. I am a Canadian, french speaking and all my cards are for french speakinf peoples. I love working with my Cricut explorer air and I also love Cricut creating space.

  20. @Monique pilon

    You can use all fonts you have on your computer. For example I used a cyrillian text with fonts supporting it and it worked… somehow. All I noticed was DS becoming quite slow.

  21. I hadn’t reviewed all my email so I didn’t know about Design Space 3 until I saw the preview on HSN (I record the craft shows). It looks really nice – I like the ability to see projects in a larger size. It was a really quick preview and this was the first I had heard of DS3. When will it be out? I hope it doesn’t take as long as Design Space for Android – still waiting/wishing.
    Will Cricut be showing previews soon?
    Will it work with our current Cricuts? (I have Explore Air).
    Thank you!

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